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Our Story

It all started at a bar…

Don’t you just love it when your best ideas come to mind while relaxing at a bar? That is exactly where OnTopz was first envisioned and now, that vision has come to life. While out one evening, I noticed that when most people got up from their seat, many placed a napkin or beer mat on their drink. My inquisitive mind started to work away… Why were they doing this? What protection would a napkin offer? Even worse, a beer mat. Really? How many times had that been used before it came into contact with the rim of the glass one is drinking from—gross! But let’s go back to why. Maybe it was to signal, “I’m not done with my drink,” or “don’t even think about putting anything unwanted in that glass!” Maybe the customer was concerned a bug would take a swim or they wouldn’t be able to identify their drink from others when they returned. So what if there was a fun and creative way for everyone to feel safer when leaving a drink unattended or even while holding it? I set about finding a solution and the rest is OnTopz history.

Now—who is thirsty?


David Farnworth
Founder & CEO

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