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What is the Secondary Market?

The secondary market is the buying and selling of collectibles previously sold on the primary market by retailers to collectors. Secondary market prices are determined by the collectors themselves who are buying and selling collectibles. Many of these trades are transacted through dealers, newspaper ads, collector's clubs and local buy-and-sells. In many cases, secondary market prices are higher than those of the primary market. Of course, not all collectibles go up in value; some go down. If there are more buyers for a particular collectible than there are people willing to sell . . . the price goes up. If on the other hand there are more people wishing to sell than buyers . . . the price goes down till the buying and selling market balances out . . . much like the stock exchange.

We are continually keeping up with the market, therefore we will only offer quaility products at affordable prices.

Wayside Country Store has been in the secondary market for over 30 years.