Vintage Candy by the Pound & More!

There’s a reason the expression “like a kid in a candy store” took hold, and it’s because there’s nothing better than that feeling of having the world’s best treats at your fingertips. Recreate the experience by browsing our dazzling old-fashioned candy store online, complete with retro candy and chocolate you won’t find anywhere else. We offer a range of convenient purchasing options including bulk candy by the pound, exactly as it was sold during your trips to the candy store as a kid. Our motto is “By the piece, by the scoop, by the pound” in order to cater to sweet tooths of all sizes!

We’re proud of our selection of what was once known as “penny candy”, and even though it may no longer cost one cent, we’ve priced our items competitively to suit your needs. From gummy bears to Airheads and from B.B. Bats taffy pops to non pareils, we’ve successfully bridged multiple generations of sugary wonder. The combination of classic candy by the pound and more modern brands makes our Old Tyme Candy Store one of the best candy stores with the most extensive selection of treats – past or present. We even offer candy bouquets, carefully assembled for any occasion and for children of all ages! All orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours, and chocolate items may be packed cold for shipment. In addition, we will happily gift wrap and enclose a card for items that are notified as gifts. Indulge in your nostalgically sweet side today!

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