General Store Gifts Online

Before box stores and mega-superstores, Americans frequented general stores for their groceries, knick-knacks, household items, and good conversation. There were no self-checkout lines, no gaudy displays, and no products hawking the latest summer blockbusters. Shelves were stocked with authentic, durable and useful merchandise. Today, our country store online strives to recreate the magic by sticking to our early roots and providing a wide array of country store vintage gifts.

From traditional New England snacks like maple candy and molasses puffs to gingersnaps, our tried and true items are reminiscent of colonial days in America. We proudly stock rustic household items like soaps, utensils, and Amish home remedies. Add a bit of personality to your kitchen with the Linda Lou line of sink strainers or our incredibly popular linen calendar towels. And for a true taste of colonial America, take a look at our selection of ceramic bean pots. Experience life as a pioneer and fill your pot with fresh dry beans, molasses, and bacon for a simple but hearty meal.

The next time you need something with a little extra personality or timelessness, find your vintage gifts at the general store and pay homage to a beautiful history. Order today for fast shipping, gift wrapping options, and friendly customer service!