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Byers’ Choice Christmas Carolers Figurines

The Christmas spirit brings cheerful warmth and joy in its traditions. To mark the holiday, we turn to those traditions for guidance in celebration, décor, and emblems of the season. And there’s no better symbol of the Christmas spirit than our huge selection of Byers’ Choice collectible figurines in varying styles.

For over 30 years, Byers’ Choice has offered handcrafted gifts from Pennsylvania, lovingly made by skilled artisans who capture the essence of Christmas. The Christmas Carolers figurines began as the work of Joyce Byers for close friends and family, but have now come to grace the homes of collectors across the country. These collectible figurines for Christmas have earned a reputation for being authentic, as indicated by the felt ring and gold seal underneath the base of each one, not to mention the signature of its artisan. Each figurine seems to tell its own vibrant, celebratory story. Browse this year’s selection of Byers’ Choice Christmas Carolers, or check out our retired/secondary market stock for great deals on rare and discontinued items. Continue a holiday tradition, or begin a brand new one!