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Collectible Linen Calendar Towels for Sale

Recall the memories of time spent in your parents and grandparents’ kitchen and all of the charmingly rustic décor. Some kitchens displayed homemade trinkets, some showed off ceramics, and in many, you’d find linen kitchen towel calendars.

Here you’ll find those very popular and collectible calendar kitchen towels. With a wide variety of designs to choose from by Kay Dee Designs and Stevens Linen—two brands that are known for their unique and whimsical calendar towels—there’s no shortage of items to add to your collection. Each year’s towels feature themes of nature, seaside lighthouses, and classic imagery. Additionally, the Historic Wayside towel, designed exclusively by Stevens Linen, is available for order. It features local landmarks such as the Wayside Inn and our very own Wayside Country Store. The Historic Wayside towel, and all the linen calendar towels, make great gifts for history buffs or those who admire New England and its rich heritage. These towels sell quick, so be sure to order yours today!