Thanks for Stopping by Our Country General Store Online!

There was a time in our nation when things were a bit more genuine, when the days took their time to pass, and when townspeople congregated at the local general store for sweets, treats, and goods. At Wayside Country Store, we proudly celebrate our nation’s heritage with our vintage general store online. Here you’ll find a wide assortment of authentic old country store candy and gifts, figurines, household items, and more. We proudly stock delicious candy and fudge that harkens back to the days when trips to the candy store felt like an adventure. “By the piece, by the scoop, by the pound” is a motto we incorporate to remind our shoppers they’ll find more than one way to satisfy the sweet tooth!

We also stock a memorable array of unique, nostalgic gifts and collectibles. We’re a proud supplier of Byers’ Choice Christmas items in addition to many other recognized names that are sought after by collectors of all ages. Featuring seasonal themes like Christmas along with year-round decorative callbacks to being at home in the countryside, our gifts and collectibles include figurines, inspirational decorations, and our very popular linen calendar towels.

Our vibrant history tells the story of a general store that is woven into every bit of colonial America. We were built in 1790, then purchased by Henry Ford himself in 1928, when we relocated to our current address. Since 1975, our current owners have continued to draw on the store’s rich history and quaint local flavor to run the same vintage general store loved by generations of people. That’s over 225 years of service! We’re now pleased to offer our old country store candy and gifts online, while providing the same great experience that has made us a go-to destination for centuries. Shop today!

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