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Bluebird of Happiness Figurines

Bluebirds have long been known as a symbol of health, friendship, and happiness. They inspire us and others to live our lives to the fullest, while also serving as an emblem of what to be grateful for. The glass bluebird of happiness by Terra Studios is a splendid gift, or a reminder to oneself, of what’s worth cherishing in life.

The glass artists at Terra Studios handcraft each figurine, and Wayside Country Store is proud to provide the opportunity to buy a bluebird of happiness online. No two bluebirds are exactly alike, which is a nod to the craftsmanship of hand-blown glass. We offer various sizes and models, not to mention the pink bird of hope figurines, also by Terra Studios. These figurines glisten peacefully on shelves where their artistry can be admired and their message will resound. Order today and enjoy fast shipping and competitive pricing on these fine mementos!

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