The Wayside Country Store was built in 1790 and stood in the center of Sudbury, where it was used as a post office, general store and school. On the second floor was a grand ballroom. Henry Ford purchased this building in 1928 and moved it by oxen to its present site on Hager Pond. The store's interior is still much the same as when Henry Ford ran it. It was the first country store in the United States to be re-established and restored. A dam located at one end of the pond accounts for the store's logo,


The foundation of the Wayside Country Store was made from boulders dug from the grounds, and the basement supporting pillars are huge tree trunks. The stairs leading from the cellar are hand carved from solid wood logs and the steps are held together with wooden pegs. Mr. Ford arranged it so the pegs in every third step were loose and creaked when stepped on to give notice of any burglar climbing the stairs. Ducks, swans and geese mill around the premises and children take great delight in feeding them. Wild ducks and their families gather at the pond, as do large snapping turtles.

To this day the store relies on a pot-bellied stove for heat. Merchandise ranges from pickles in a large barrel to the famous Ginger Snaps, and hundreds of other country store items. A step back in time awaits you when you enter.

Incorporated into the Country Store is a gift and collectible shop. The collectibles are the most popular in the market today.

Many travelers find New England area items to bring back as remembrances of their visit. Wayside boasts an extensive assortment of area themed gifts whether in souvenir gifts or food items.

For the ultimate shopping experience visit the Olde Tyme Candy Store connected to the General Store. Hundreds of jars of candy await you. Viewing the finest specialty candies and chocolates (also in sugar free) is quite an experience in itself.

Children will delight in our ever changing displays of stuffed animals, novelty toys, children’s books and puzzles. These unusual items can make any child squeal with happiness.. Browse our card section of Local made and Blue Mountain cards for all occasions.

A trip to the Wayside Olde Tyme Candy Store will have you leaving with a smile. Customers fondly reminisce about their trips by car or bike when they visited the candy store many years ago

Located minutes away is the Historic Wayside Inn made known by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in “Tales of a Wayside Inn”. The Inn has been frequented by presidents, nobility and movie stars. Also located here is the Stone Grist Mill, which still grinds grain for use at the Inn for their baking. Henry Ford had the Martha Mary Chapel built as a tribute to his mother Martha and his mother-in-law Mary. The little red schoolhouse made famous in the poem “Mary had a Little Lamb” is also located on this property next to the church.