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Welcome to the most interesting candy store in the nation. What makes the Olde Tyme Candy Store so unique is best described by our logo "By the scoop, by the piece, by the pound". Located at the famous Wayside Country Store in Marlborough, Mass, the store has been in continuous operation since 1929.

Surprise a college student, a serviceman or a friend who has recently moved from the area with a thoughtful gift. You can order directly from our web page. Orders are processed within 24 hours upon receiving, Monday-Friday. In summer months we advise sending chocolates with ice packs and using next day delivery. Please note these incur additional shipping costs.

Check the individual pages for your favorite candy selections. Please inform us when purchasing a gift. We’ll happily gift wrap and enclose a gift card with your personal message.


Daily shipments of goods are required in order to meet the volume of candy we sell. This ensures you the freshest candy available. Fresh candy has superior color, texture and flavor. It simply tastes good!

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Unlike most self service candy stores today we are one of personal service. As in days gone by we personally wait on you whether it be for one piece or for one pound of candy. Throughout the year, children young and old line up to choose from the variety of candies we offer. At times the selection seems to be overwhelming but people manage to fill their bags with savory treats. Adults who frequent the store are delighted to find many of the Old Fashioned candies they remember as children. Sweets like old-fashioned puff, molasses peppermint, crystallized ginger and other hard to find candies are kept in stock.

Pleasant memories are formed. Visitors claim it is a “must visit” place when they are in the area. They reminisce about riding their bikes to the store or coming for a family outing.

Brighten a birthday by choosing from our pre-packaged party favor bags in many styles and sizes, tided with ribbon. Or select your own candy favorites. Some people prefer to bring the party to the store. Children get to pick the treats for their own goodie bags. Many schools opt to visit when returning from fieldtrips for a perfect ending to their day.

The store boasts cases filled with chocolates and truffles one can appreciate. Our chocolates are mostly all hand-dipped from leading companies in the United States. In increasing demand, are our sugar free chocolates. We also carry an entire selection of sugar free products.

Another popular product is our fudge, which is the creamiest, most delectable you could ever imagine. We also have sugar free fudge.

Jelly beans galore in many flavors tempt the taste buds. Create your own bag from the self service dispenser.

Another extremely appetizing section is our specialty candies. Indulge in one of our chocolate pecan caramel-filled patties or a large peanut butter-filled chocolate cup that melts in your mouth. Or nibble one of the delicious chocolate covered pretzels, dipped in assorted toppings. Tantalize your sensations!

We carry the largest selection of candies available for each holiday. Specialty candies are packaged in unique containers, bags and boxes to make your shopping easier. Again, you may choose by the scoop, by the piece, or by the pound. Choice candies are individually hand selected to complement our Easter baskets.

Yes, a trip to the Olde Tyme Candy Store is just what you need for a pleasant outing. Create your own memories like thousands before you have done.

Please check the individual pages to select your favorite candy.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments regarding this web site to:

Bulk Candy | Bubblegum Buddies Chocolate Covered Candies
Chocolate Foil | Chocolates | Cordials | Fudge | General Candy | Gummi
Holidays | Jelly Belly Licorice | Maple Grove Candies | Nostalgic Candies
Sour Candy | Specialty | Sugar Free | Teenee Beanee | Truffles | Etc..